Home Based Instruction

ABA Therapy

Maryann McEvoy is certified in Applied Behavior Analysis and has several years experience with ABA methodology. Services are available in your home to give your student access to learning within your families typical environment, while also familiarizing the whole family with research based methods to improve communication within your home! 

Academic Instruction

Does your child need a little extra help in a few of his or her academic classes? Just a small amount of assistance can make the difference between success and frustration and we are happy to be that little bit of assistance! Learning support instruction is available in the areas of mathematics and language arts levels K-7. 

Lifeskill Instruction

Having trouble incorporating your students life skills instruction within your home? Are things going great at school but you are struggling? We are here to help! Lifeskills instruction is available within your home and will include parent/caregiver participation to encourage continuous learning in all of your child's environments.